Limerick PJ’s Comfort Breast Pump Teardown

Parts of the Breast Pump

  1. Hard Plastic Case
  2. Two silicone control knobs on top
  3. Silicone Tubes with three way plastic connectors
  4. Mother Board
  5. Motor (Inside – Copper wire encased in a cylinder which is creates a magnetic effect)
  6. Five part rotor disc made of silicone and plastic and attached to the motor
  7. Copper wire wrapped with cello tape and encased in a cuboid
  8. Seven Black and Red Wires coiled together and attached to the motherboard
  9. Wide silicone strips holding the motor in place
  10. Absorbent foam inside a plastic cylinder
  11. Sixteen nails
  12. Bolts
  13. Washers

Tools used to take it apart of screw drivers

  1. Philips and Slotted Screw Drivers
  2. Xacto Knife
  3. Hands

Design elements I liked about the device

  1. The colour
  2. The curved and old telephone like shape of the object

Both of these elements make it seem a bit more approachable and familiar device.

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