Sarah’s Plush Night Light

Three Brainstorm sketches

Anglerfish. This concept was meant for kids that were interested in aquatic animals.

VW plush toy. This concept was for car passengers. Like an air freshener it would hang from the car mirror. It would act as a soft light when you don’t want to distract the driver when they are driving in the dark.

Chosen idea: Night vision eyeglasses.

This night light eyeglasses are meant for people that have difficulty finding their way around when they wake up at night. It can help you get around without disturbing your sleeping partner. The intent is for people to keep this soft toy in bed with them. When they wake up they can switch on the eyeglasses and find their way to wherever they need to go. It can be especially helpful when you can’t find your real eyeglasses in the dark.

The two lens on the plush toy will glow and the arms of the eyeglasses will have flexible wire that make it bendable and foldable. During the day the arms of the toy can be unfolded and sat on a surface. At night the arms can be folded up for cuddling.

The Pattern
For this toy, there will need to be two fabric cutouts of the font/back of the glasses. The arms of the glasses will be cut out 4 times. The eyeglass frame will be cut out twice.

soft Pink fabric for body eyeglasses
Sheer white fabric for lens (nylon or another fabric)
8 5mm blue LED lights
Wire – meant to make the arms of the eyeglasses bendable
foam board -may be used as an insert to keep the LEDs in place/for diffusion
Poly fil – toy stuffing
Battery case /batteries


My unstuffed prototype helped me realize I need to make the edge of the frame wider so it’s not as difficult to sew. I will probably also add fabric to the back to give it more room for stuffing and the batteries and LEDs.

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Plush Night Light”

  1. Hi Sarah, I really like the night vision eye glass idea. I wear glasses (I’m really bling) and I have this problem pretty much every night. I took this approach a little on the problem-solving side (maybe because I have this problem), so I was kind of expecting your plush toy to almost be a frame or holder for the person’s actual eye glasses. I wonder if you’d be interested in going in that more aid-centered direction.

    If you are interested in that, I think what you could do is put the LEDs on the (red) frame of your plush toy, and keep the wired design as is. Add a zipper where the real eye glasses could enter the toy. Then remove the white fabric so that people can actually see lol.
    In terms of photographing, I think you could do a story board-style shoot where you depict the pain of not finding your eyeglasses and stumbling on your way to the bathroom, or AC, for example. Then of course take some more pics with the solution.

    Anyways, just an idea.

    If you go for your original idea, I think you could go for a more fun and funky photoshoot. What if people were to have a pajama party with these glasses?

  2. First off, your drawings are incredible. As a product, the glasses are problematic in that this project doesn’t throw effectively but the light glows or lights up. I think it’s a cool looking object and you can leave it at that. It’s glowing glasses. Like it.

  3. Hey Sarah! I love how dynamic your plush toy idea is – from being a an interesting piece for the night stand, a helpful night guide, and a cuddle pillow. Since it is a both a decorative item and a wearable product, it would be fun to try a stop motion. you can also start the video dark, blurry with sounds such as ruffling of sheets, slapping the side table, putting on the slippers and suddenly the light falls on the product!

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