Carter’s Plush Night Light Proposal

Works in Progress

Chiffon Heartbeat

Flannel raindrop shape with 5 ‘eyes’
Diffusion with ping pong balls, chiffon, flannel

These nightlights (and the third in sketch) are for aliens who arrived at night on Earth from a planet always in the sun. Terrified they landed on a country road where the only light was from a little kid’s room. These were the nightlights that soothed the aliens. The target audience is young kids afraid of the dark and aliens AND aliens afraid of the dark and human kids.

The materials are chiffon, flannel, nylon, ping pong balls, electrical wires, resistors, LEDs, battery pack.

My sketches are below but for my first try and with the battery pack, I think a simple on and off switch with is more likely than using the fading or alternative blinking lights….

2 thoughts on “Carter’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Carter, super smart! I like the material you have tried at home, the shinny one. Don’t forget to leave lightly edges for fabric when you sew.

  2. Great prototyping Carter! I love anything with aliens, and I am afraid of the dark, so keep it up hahah

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