Green Guy Night Light

Product Description

The Green (best color ever) Guy Night Light is made for children who are afraid of the dark. His LEDs shine in three different colors: white, red and blue; and they showcase the location of vital organs within the body. One can also say that this is an educational tool that promotes body awareness. These are both great problems to solve and console the user.


The Green Guy Night Light is simple in construction and is made up of the following materials:

  1. Green Corduroy (body fabric)
  2. Black Zipper (LED and stuffing enclosure)
  3. Black Thread
  4. Cotton Stuffing
  5. 3xAAA batteries
  6. 3xLEDs (white, red, blue)

Product Journey

This product was extremely fun to make as I’ve never sewn a plush toy before, nor had I used LEDs. I found it easy to sew the corduroy as it is a light fabric and the machine had no problem going over it. The most challenging part was definitely the LEDs and the indication of the organs (which I have yet to make a successful solution) through chipboard within the body. Lastly, I was most surprised to see how long it was going to take to do the LEDs.

For Future Iterations

Next, I would definitely like to refine the product by indicating which organs are being shown through embroidery (hand or machine). I had not thought of this until I had sewn the body and seen that the chipboard was not enough.


Original sewn sketch from class

Sketches after class for the first prototype

Pattern and sketch prototype with class scraps

Finished Product

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