Cheryl’s Plush Night Light

This little plush toy is for kids who are afraid of dark. The little dino is a perfect toy for kids to cuddle with in the dark. The wings is bright enough to give kids comfort and a sense of companionship in night time, while the LED brightness is not over exposed to the point of discomfort for kids. I really enjoyed the sewing process and I think one of the most challenging part was soldering the LED.

Process photos

For the little dino’s head, I sewed yarn between the two head pieces to emphasize the spikes.

I chose to make the wings with light muslin fabric so that its thin enough for the light to diffuse through.

Next I sewed the body, wings, and head together.

I did not sew the wings entirely, I left a slit that is wide enough for the LED to go through.

I hand sewed the legs and arms onto the little dino’s body.