Night Eyes by Sarah

These plush toy eyeglasses are a cuddle friendly night light. They are meant to be used by people who have poor vision or just have a hard time navigating in the dark. The idea originated from difficulty finding my own eye glasses at night. The arms of the plush toy have a thin wire inside so it can be propped besides your bed during day and folded and cuddled at night. The toy is meant to be less harsh than turning on your bedside lamp. This plush toy can help you get around without disturbing your sleeping partner. The user should feel more confident in their night time navigating

Pink cashmere mix fabric for the of the body eyeglasses
White Nylon for the lenses
6 5mm blue LED lights
Thin wire – inside the arms of the eyeglasses
Foam board -is used as insert to keep the LEDs in place/for diffusion
Poly fil – toy stuffing for cushion and diffusion
2x 2032 3V batteries & battery pack
6x 100Ohms resistors

Project Journey
The original design for the eyeglasses was fairly straight forward. I would say the prototype I made really informed my final version. I learned I needed to make the edges of my glasses much thicker and the plush toy larger overall. I also learned cutting the seams of curved edges helps get a clean curve which is why the final version is much more defined.

Soldering was definitely a challenge as I had several LEDS attached to one battery pack. Also because I needed 3 sets of lights in two different locations my circuit became difficult and prone to breaking. In the future I would create a small case inside the toy to protect the electrical work from being damaged.

First pattern for prototype

Circuit design
Final fabric pattern
First sewn pieces
LED battery pack
Test for foam board insert that holds LEDs in place and diffuses light
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