Erika’s Halloween Costume


Rey’s lightsaber will be lathed from a 2inch wood dowel, which will likely be about 7-8 inches long. After a consultation with Sinclair, he suggested with lathe the pattern, slice the dowel into half and run it over the tablesaw to cut out 2 notches through the half cylinders, and then wood glue the 2 halves back together. This will create a channel to run the wires from the neopixels to the gemma.

As for the light-up section of the light saber, I’d use a long clear pipe from home depot, either add a diffusion film or a styrofoam cylinder into the pipe, and a long strand of the neopixel through.

As for Rey’s costume, I’ll wear a white/ beige tank top and leggings or maybe flowy capri pants, find some crepe scrunchy fabric from moods as the scarf that layers over the front and back, white ace bandage for the arm sleeves, and buy some brown leather straps for the accents on the belt and wrists. I can use the same ace bandage material and leather strap for the light saber handles as well. I’d probably have to get some brown boots 😀

Other Electronic items:

  • C-battery Powerbank (?)

As for the Arduino technique, I’d like to use the button cycler to create 3 animations:

  1. Color Wipe (yellow)
  2. Fade in and out (yellow)
  3. Fire Animation (yelow) – I found information about this animation here:

5 thoughts on “Erika’s Halloween Costume”

  1. Cool, a third light saber! Y’all are a Star Wars group. Be sure to share techniques. You should be able to use the 500mAh lipoly battery that’s in your kit, or a bigger 3v lipoly battery, or your 3xAAA pack.

    also, please put your blog post in the Works in Progress/Proposals category. Thank you!

  2. Erika this is a very good start. We need to take a photo but maybe you should put me as a hologram since I am not alive at the same time as you (in the Star Wars universe). Good luck with the costume, you got it!

  3. Rey, looking forward to your hand-made costume! Need a movie night before the parade.

  4. Erica!!!! This is such a brilliant idea. I can already picture you as Rey. I would love to see progress pictures of you making it. It’s super awesome and I can’t wait to see your final look in this costume.

  5. Erika! You would make such a great Rey! I am so excited for your look, but also a little concerned about you being in this outfit!

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