Cheryl’s Halloween Costume

My halloween costume is inspired by chinese culture, especially assassin from some shows that I’ve watched. For my main costume, I’ll be ordering a Qipao dress, sai props, and maybe some hair accessories.

For this project, I will be making a mask inspired by Peking opera, the four main roles are Sheng, Dan, Jing, and Chou, the color usually represents the roles, and they are categorized based on the gender, age, evil or kind-hearted nature.

I will be making a white mask(usually the bad guy role).

I couldnt find any white mask that is hard enough, most of them on amazon are made out of either thin plastic or paper. So I am thinking of making the base with sculpey and paint directly on it. Instead of a mask to wear on the face, i’ll be adding a longer strap to carry it on my back.

Shopping list:


Light Shopping list:



6 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Halloween Costume”

  1. Hi Cheryl, this will be so fun! Your post is missing a description of what your lights will do/where they will be in your costume. Also please post your circuit diagram!

    also also, please put your blog post in the Works in Progress/Proposals category. Thank you!

  2. Woah! Super cool Cheryl! Where will the mask light up? I’m looking forward to see this vibrant idea come to life!

  3. Hey Cheryl,

    Since none of the masks you’ve found are sturdy enough I have one suggestion. I’d still buy a mask like the link below. And I’d use your sculpty clay to fill the inside of the mask. You may need to rub vaseline on the inside so the clay can be remove from the mask before baking.

    Or maybe you can find a wooden mask…if that’s out there

  4. Hi Cheryl really cool idea! I think if the mask is light enough it would be nice to make it a necklace, and so it would hang on your front for people to see! An idea for the mask could be a clear old hockey goalie mask, like the “Jason” masks from the movie “Halloween”. Then you could paint over it and it would be clear from LED’s to go through!

  5. Cheryl!!!! this is such an awesome idea. I love what you are doing with the mask. It would be really cool if you can program the code so the mask to lights up in a sequence. Either way, this is so great and I can’t wait to see you in the final look.

  6. Cheryl you’ll look so amazing in this outfit! It would be great if you can make the different parts of the outfit light up and have a slow fade in and fade out animation!

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