Liam’s Halloween Costume

For my Halloween costume I will be constructing a replica of Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber seen in the Phantom Menace episode of the Star Wars series. 

Parts List

  • Polycarbonate tubing
  • Wooden dowel (Already in the PoD studio) 
  • 3D Printed button using red filament

Circuit Parts & Function

Gemma Board

20+ LED NeoPixel strip

Push Button

cycler to create 3 animations:

  1. Color Wipe (yellow)
  2. Fade in and out (yellow)
  3. Fire Animation (yelow) – I found information about this animation here:

Author: Liamo

Designing sound, objects and experiences

5 thoughts on “Liam’s Halloween Costume”

  1. This will be cool, Liam! Your post is missing some things from the assignment.
    What Arduino technique(s) you are using, what will your LEDs do? Can you link us to a video of the light saber you are trying to recreate?
    Circuit diagram (Tinkercad Circuits is an option, or draw however you like)
    Materials and parts list needs links for electronics components

    also please properly categorize your blog post. Thanks!

  2. Qi-Gon is one of the goat characters. I can’t wait to see how your costume and lightsaber come out — you need to wear a wig btw lol A great shot would be me and you recreating a Phanton Menace shot.

  3. Darth Vader is coming. We need a movie night before the parade. Remember to take nice photos during process, buying materials, and outcome definitely.

  4. I guess we can’t quite be in the same picture since we are generations apart. eitherway, I have much to learn from you Qui-Gon Jinn.

  5. LIAMOO!!! this is so cool. I can’t wait to see the whole star wars gang together. Take lots of process pictures. This is an awesome project.

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