Liam’s Luke Skywalker Costume

Why this costume?

I decided on Luke Skywalker because of his pivotal role in the Star Wars Saga and his character timeline fit well with our group as we had one character from each era of the movies. But more importantly, building a replica of his lightsaber that actually works was a childhood DREAM of mine, and now it is a reality.

What’s it like?

Holding this lightsaber feels great. Pressing the button and seeing the beam of light shoot out from the bottom of the sword is an awesome sight to behold.

What Would You Change?

If I had been able to do it over, I would have changed my material from wood to either a metal or plastic. Or applied several more coats of primer. The wood grain and texture showed through the paint slightly and gave away the allusion of the chrome metal.

Handle Construction

Parts List:

  • Wooden Dowel
  • Balsa Foam
  • PVC pipe parts
  • Rustoleum Mirror Effect spray paint (chrome & copper)
  • Behr Black Gloss paint and primer spray paint
  • Painters Tape

Circuit Construction

Testing the Circuit

Parts List:

  • Frosted Polycarbonate Tubing
  • Roll of drafting paper
  • NeoPixel Strip w/ 53 LED’s
  • Button
  • Adafruit Gemma M0
  • Battery

Circuit Diagram & Code


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Author: Liamo

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