Monica and Niha’s Final Project Progress

Story board

Circuit Prototype

Questions for Becky:

  • How do we wire the Ultrasonic distance sensor? (Don’t see 5V nor the data pin)
  • Where is the 5V pin in the Huzzah?
  • Couldn’t find the normal NeoPixel strip in, only found this weird one. Do you know where to download the normal NeoPixel strip Fritzing library?
  • Couldn’t find a simple LED strip on Do you know were these might be?
  • Why is the code not connecting to WiFi? It doesn’t even show up on the Serial Monitor
  • Can we cut a metallic breadboard into smaller parts? Or are the smaller metallic breadboards?

Coding Progress

I set out to get the Huzzah+pushbutton+LED+NeoPixel circuit from Lesson 5, but couldn’t make it work, so I had to rewind all the way back to the simple Huzzah+pushbutton+LED sketch. After a long time I figured out the issue and got the simple sketch to work on a fresh breadboard. I also successfully had it connect to WiFi and got it to send data to Adafruit IO.

However, when moving on to the sketch with the NeoPixel, the LED turns on fine but it doesn’t connect to WiFi anymore. This shows on the Serial Monitor.

Prototype Form

3D render made by Niha

Step-by-step tutorial draft

Link to google doc

Instructables profile

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