Sarah’s Final Project Progress


I started testing my circuit on Tinkercad. I’m using a Feather Huzzah board to connect to 2 sets of LEDs and a Hall Effect Sensor (HES). Because the HES turns the LED’s on/off I’m unsure whether the HES output is the LED input. I know the LED needs to receive code info from the Arduino so I made two circuits. One where the HES output in the LED input and the other where they are both connected to different pin #s. I’m confused if either is correct.


Front view
Cylindrical shape will hold a magnet that will activate the Hall effect sensor in the end of body of the snake shape.

Acrylic front with decal. Sides are wooden CNC frames stacked on top of each other.

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I linked the IFTTT Fitbit applet to Adafruit IO. The applet should trigger at a certain time and send Adafruit IO information on my daily steps but so far it has not worked. It was saying that the ‘there is an issue with the trigger’ I reconnected my Fitbit app to IFTTT it no longer says there is an issue but it has not fired and there has been no update on the IO.


I assume I will have to set multiple of these applets for the different times of day I want to be updated on my steps instead of it automatically updating.

I am using the Fitbit App on my phone as my step calculator. Could that be the issue?