Giancarlo’s Final Project Progress

Instructables link:

Circuit: Images (drawn)

Forms: Images (of 3D models/prints) below…

The telepresence chairs have transformed into telepresence hands that you can put on your desk, give to a significant other, and hold hands together (while apart). The model for that one looks solid, but I printed it on the wrong side and print failed. No biggie.

The spray can is not a digital spray can anymore (unless the digital interfacing works very well) or it will be on hold till version 2.0. I think as a trigger turning on a laser cut tag would be dope.

Storyboard: Just words for now

SPRAY CAN: Its night, a kid is spray painting (graffiti), he hears people (maybe the cops) coming, he runs, frantically opens his house door, clicks can (fake sound like regular can earlier painting), light turns on illuminating his room

HANDS: It’s night agin, a student is doing work, video pans to his significant other at home, the student stops, holds onto fake hand on his desk, the other person’s hand lights up, they hold theirs, they are now holding hands together (but apart).