Hi, I’m Rui

I speak out the word “yes” before I realize that I agree with something. I occasionally question whether my consciousness is genuine (I was arguing with my brother about this just few days ago). Sometimes I can’t help but analyze my behaviors and motivations. Till now, II’m still attempting to identify who I am. I hope that by experimenting with a variety of media, I can feel the colliding and blending of the world.

I used to love collecting dirt from all the places I visited, until the last time I moved from San Francisco to Chicago, the jars in the Ziploc bag cracked, causing the dirt to mingle. Their colors, textures, times, and smells all mixed together, and I stopped collecting dirt. I could call them everything, the earth, the cosmos, or even unnamed.

Even right now, I have no purpose for penning this right now, I hope I can introduce myself well. I lived in China until the age of 19, and this is my fifth year in the US. I hope our two years in New York will be amazing and wonderful.

I have a ginger cat, rescued from a barn. A one year old, 13.5 pounds cat, hopefully he won’t get too fat.

Website: https://readymag.com/philoyang/3432932/

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