Luminous Jellyfish

Plush Night Light

This is a luminous jellyfish earring that can be used at parties and music festivals. Wearing jellyfish earrings can be noticed in the dark. For instance, it’s easy for people to get lost at raves, so if you and your companions were separated by the crowd, the luminous jellyfish earrings can help you and your friends to find each other.

Embroidery thread
Heat transfer foil
Cultivated Silk

I had originally intended to dye the cloth to resemble a jellyfish’s tentacles, but I later changed my mind and decided to use wool fabrics for the tentacles. I have used a sewing machine a year ago but I wasted a lot of thread. Thus, I made the decision to sew my plushy by hand. I discovered that it was difficult to hand-seal the fabric’s edges, so I tried a few various stitches until I finally kept the polyester inside of the plushy.

One of the challenges was taking pictures, because my cat kept wanting to play with my jellyfish earrings.

If I had time I would add more embroideries to the tentacles.

Rui’s Plush Night Light Proposal

Every time I go to the aquarium I am amazed by the beauty of jellyfish. 

I want to make jellyfish earrings that have fading light on it. I will use different cloth and wool materials to imitate the tentacles of jellyfish.

Bringing the light from the bottom of the ocean to the land and hanging it on our earlobes.

If the earrings are too small to fit the led lights, I will switch the idea to a jellyfish hat.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Teardown

The product

Product information

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is the wireless ultra-thin, spill-resistant, compact keyboard with 76 thin chicklet keys plus 10 functional keys. The latter includes: Play/Pause, Volume up, Volume down, Mute, Previous Track \ Next Track. The keyboard also has a Home key and such keys as Device 1, Device 2, Lock, Search. The connector’s interface is Bluetooth 4.0. The keyboard can be paired with up to 2 devices, including the wearables: iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Android phone or tablet. Device 1 \ 2 keys help to toggle between the paired devices with a single touch.

5mm thin keyboard
Bluetooth Smart aka Bluetooth 4.0
Up to three months of power on a single charge
Spill-resistant design
Works across iPhone, Android, Windows and Windows Phone 8.1
Can pair with two devices with an easy toggle switch
Magnetic closure
Micro USB charging

Teardown process

List of components:

  1. Aluminum mounting plates
  2. Plastic Folio case with fabric cover
  3. Keyboard membranes
  4. Frame component
  5. Connector (between Keyboard membranes and keycaps)
  6. Hooks
  7. Acrylic keycaps

The tools that I used:

Screwdriver, and utility knife

The keyboard features the water proof keyset and fabric, and it is portable, thin, and light. It’s easy to open with utility knife.

The elements that interest me 

One of my favorite design features is the keyboard membranes that I feel good to press on it, like a stress relieving toy, and this design gives the person pressing the keyboard a great feeling of use. I thought the keyboard membranes were each glued to a steel plate, but they are actually on a whole sticker that can be removed in one piece.

The other design that I like is the spill-resistant design. The sealing design protects the safety of the entire keyboard in addition to making the product appear lighter and thinner overall.

Funny thing that I found:

I saw the date written in Chinese on the aluminum mounting plate: May 26, 2015

Hi, I’m Rui

I speak out the word “yes” before I realize that I agree with something. I occasionally question whether my consciousness is genuine (I was arguing with my brother about this just few days ago). Sometimes I can’t help but analyze my behaviors and motivations. Till now, II’m still attempting to identify who I am. I hope that by experimenting with a variety of media, I can feel the colliding and blending of the world.

I used to love collecting dirt from all the places I visited, until the last time I moved from San Francisco to Chicago, the jars in the Ziploc bag cracked, causing the dirt to mingle. Their colors, textures, times, and smells all mixed together, and I stopped collecting dirt. I could call them everything, the earth, the cosmos, or even unnamed.

Even right now, I have no purpose for penning this right now, I hope I can introduce myself well. I lived in China until the age of 19, and this is my fifth year in the US. I hope our two years in New York will be amazing and wonderful.

I have a ginger cat, rescued from a barn. A one year old, 13.5 pounds cat, hopefully he won’t get too fat.