Rui_Glowing mask with hairy eyes

I decided to put the wool material on the eyes of the mask and stick two NeoPixel Sticks eyebrows and covered them with cloth. Let the colored light come through under the cloth.

The materials I need:
2 NeoPixel Sticks
Ninjaflex filament in translucent
Coin battery
Needle and thread
Soldering tools and supplies
Embroidery thread
Cultivated Silk

wool materials
idea of hairy eyes

7 thoughts on “Rui_Glowing mask with hairy eyes”

  1. Hi Rui!
    I feel like this will creep me out but It will look super cool~ I like how you’re going to be using similar fabrics as you last project! Just make sure you’ll be able to see out of the mask haha! Or you’ll have to get your buddy to lead you around int he parade hahah

  2. Love the look of the mask! Are you going to incorporate your jellyfish earrings in this costume?

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