Sama, Prerna, Cyntia – Earth, Wind & Fire (Fairy Edition)

Wings with LEDs

List of Materials Needed:

  • Wire for frame of wings
  • Strip LEDs (one big roll that changes color)
  • cellophane (mutlicolor)
  • Shoulder straps
  • Heat gun
  • Battery (what kind of battery would we need)
  • Rest of costume (for each color)
  • Head pieces/headbands/wigs?
  • Other accessories? (Ears/Sunnies/bracelets)

Techniques for making:

Arduino Animation:

  • colors traveling through entire strip
  • like a rainbow wave but range is different hues of the color (red, blue, green)
  • On/Off Switch attached to strap (around the shoulder)

Potential tinkercad to use (still need the animation portion)–FjuzrQ1pj7nzEESx8wT0-y7F91phyONChD4

4 thoughts on “Sama, Prerna, Cyntia – Earth, Wind & Fire (Fairy Edition)”

  1. These wings would look so pretty all lit up! Are you gonna have each pair of wings be different styles/silhouettes as well as different colors?

  2. Excited to see the wings. you should definitely explore on how to take pictures and lighting

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