Rohitha – Eve Costume Build

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The Costume is built in 3 parts –

  1. Body

    For the body we will be using white foam sheet to make the front and back of the body and then sew it in place together.

    To wear it, 2 straps which will rest on the shoulder.

2. Arms

For the arms to make them look mechanical, I will use a white cardboard piece on the back and foam to the front and stuff it will poly-fill and hold it in place using 2 straps

3. Head

The eyes will be lit and will reside parallel to the forehead. (Not eyes) this will be achieved using a crown structure on the inside of the helmet with wire.

Black one way privacy film will be used to make sure light only passes one way through

I am still confused about how to make the helmet for the head part, exploring options as i want to retain he shape.

I am exploring lighting options I will be using blue light strip, not LED as it is too bright and does not produce the smoothness required for the costume.

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  1. I am looking forward to this costume because I love Wall E! A suggestion for the helmet would be to try to make it out of foam. I found a video for my mask that was made of foam and it looked durable. I can share it with you if that would help!

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