Heba – Mr. Knight – Group Halloween Costume

For the Halloween costume, Vani, Brydon and I are dressing up as characters from the Marvel show Moon Knight. I will be dressing up as Mr. Knight. The costume is completely white, which includes a white suit, white mask with a moon symbol, white gloves and a pair of batons.

For the materials, the 3 of us went to Fabscrap to get fabrics for our costume. For my Mr. Knight costume, I am planning on stitching the waistcoat and tie and got the material for both from Fabscrap. Vani and I got plain white masks. I will be adding a white mask made out of white fabric on top to make it look similar to Mr. Knight’s mask. My costume also includes batons, which will be made from the wooden dowels. The materials left to buy now are the white gloves and pants. 

Fabrics for the costume
Fabric and buttons for the waistcoat
Mask and batons

For the light elements, I will be adding 2 NeoPixel RGBW PCB mini buttons, one for each eyes in the mask. We have already placed the order for it. I will also be adding the NeoPixel mini buttons on the ends of my batons and might add a sensor to it so that it lights up when you shake it hard. 

NeoPixel RGBW PCB mini buttons: https://www.adafruit.com/product/4776

Photocell (photoresistor): https://www.adafruit.com/product/161

5 thoughts on “Heba – Mr. Knight – Group Halloween Costume”

  1. Love a fellow MCU fan. This is gonna be cool (and also really warm). I respect the fact that you’re making it all from scratch but be wary of losing time because of that! if you can try to figure out the arduino part first and that might make your workflow easier.

  2. I think this is officially the costume I am super excited to see. Explore lighting and find some smoke on the streets to get a col video!

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