Patrick Kirby Costume Idea

original character art for reference


My costume represents the Nintendo created character Kirby, in the new Kirby game “Kirby and The Forgotten Land”. In this game Kirby faced with many puzzles, some of which require them to inhale an object, gaining its properties. This current representation is Kirby as he is when he has inhaled a lightbulb. In this costume, I would represent the filament in the light bulb. This will be created by a crown of LED’s I will wear, while being harnessed into this costume.

Arduino Techniques:

I want to try and utilize a “flickering” effect or sequential lighting effect.


  • round reed (rattan)
  • artificial cat gut (for binding reeds)
  • White muslin or cheep fabric
  • poly-batting
  • poly-fill
  • light pink cotton fabric
  • darker pink cotton fabric
  • led strip
  • lithium ion battery or battery pack with sufficient w
  • black fabric
  • white muslin for mouth
  • harness?

6 thoughts on “Patrick Kirby Costume Idea”

  1. Kirby Uncle Pat!! Are you going to make the costume out of a hard material? If you do, you could wrap a soft fabric around it to make it soft!

  2. Maybe a wire or cardboard frame inside will help keep your structure stronger. Make sure your white fabric is see through so you can navigate easily.

  3. This is going to be great, I can already think of great photo ops! It’d be great if you cased some folks considering you’d be towering over so many people! I wonder if you’re going to hide the legs somehow?

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