Rora_Love Death & Robot

I have decided to dress up as Love Death & Robot-The witness

Shopping list:

And also think about add lighting element to the hair snap clips

(If I can figure out how to hide Gemma for hair snap clips)

6 thoughts on “Rora_Love Death & Robot”

  1. Hi Rora! Love this idea (you’re going to be warm too!). Maybe think about lighting up the choker piece (if the hair clips don’t work out)

  2. Excited about the wig! The purple is gonna be very cool. You could also maybe make the hair ties light up.

  3. The idea is really cool! I think the hair clips as an LED component is pretty great, though it does look like a really precise job though.

  4. It would be amazing to see you dressed in this costume. It would be kinda cool to see your hair light up!

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