Rora_Snake snack snake

The cost of living in New York is much higher than I thought, and I realized it was time to make a plan to save money.

Snake snack snake is a money-saving lamp. First, you need to set up your goal. The percentage of the led strip lights turn up will still be according to how much they reached the goal. When the goal is achieved, the “snake” will get its “snack”, and the snack will turn on.


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Rora IoT Final Concept

A money-saving Light

The initial concept is a fade-in screen, when the user reaches their saving goal, the screen will show it fully and clearly. Before that, the screen only shows part of the picture according to the percentage of their saving goal. The picture is a random picture, the user will see the different pics for every single goal.


Then the concept goes to be a Snake game-inspired money-saving Light. The drawings for the light appearance:

Rora_IoT Exercise and Concepts

Concept #1

Calendar Album: Wall-mounted calendar, when phone scan/close to the date, it will shows the pics of that day.

Concept #2

Anniversaries reminder: shows the days to the anniversaries

Concept #3:

Saving Electric Gallery: user need set up a saving goal and monthly budget. for example, the goal is $1000 per year, and successfully save $200 this month, 20% of the gallery light will turn on. Until user reach the goal, the entire pattern will show up. (pattern my random, so every time user set up goal will have different pattern, more exception)

Rora_Love Death & Robot

I have decided to dress up as Love Death & Robot-The witness

Shopping list:

And also think about add lighting element to the hair snap clips

(If I can figure out how to hide Gemma for hair snap clips)

Rora_NeoPixel circuit and Halloween Ideas

Link to Tinkercad:



《My own swordsman》

Xiangyu Ton

LED on her hairpin & Hand when she uses martial arts(Actually is her boyfriend’s skill)

2.Oil on canvas by Pablo Picasso (Sp., 1881-1973), titled Portrait of a Woman

Yarn, LED(for clothing and hat)

3. Mona the Vampire

Lily Duncan

LED for Crown, and heart on her hoodie

4. Love Death&Robot The Witness

Lighting Choker & Glasses

Cell Brooch Plush Night Light

Cell Brooch

-Decorative Brooch

-Inspired by Kathleen Ryan

– Mystery Vibe


  1. Thread and Needle
  2. Battery Pack
  3. Pink and Blue LEDs
  4. Resistors
  5. Skickers
  6. Fabric
  7. Electrical Heating Tubes

Circuit diagram

I forgot to take the process image. Soldering is challenging, If I have more time to do it, I will try different fabrics and accessories. Or make more as a collection.

Rora’s Plush Night Light Proposal

“Soft Stone”

Cell Brooch
Two butterfly wings

The artwork of Kathleen Ryan inspires me. She uses different shapes and colors of stone to represent various forms of fruit decay. My mind was drawn to the many beautiful things found in the microscopic world, and I want to make an enlarged version of the cell, using buttons and LED lights to represent the vitality of cells.

I prepared two different fabrics and several buttons in different sizes to use in the cell brooch.