Rora’s Plush Night Light Proposal

“Soft Stone”

Cell Brooch
Two butterfly wings

The artwork of Kathleen Ryan inspires me. She uses different shapes and colors of stone to represent various forms of fruit decay. My mind was drawn to the many beautiful things found in the microscopic world, and I want to make an enlarged version of the cell, using buttons and LED lights to represent the vitality of cells.

I prepared two different fabrics and several buttons in different sizes to use in the cell brooch.

4 thoughts on “Rora’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Hi Rora!

    This idea is so cool! I love the different textures and materiality that you can experiment with seem endless! I also like how in the artist’s work she has created the illusion of fruit that is rotting.

    The idea of the cell is really cool. Is it going to be more of a scientific/futuristic looking nightlight or more of a fun, comfortable interpretation? I think either way it’ll be super interesting to see!

    I think photographing the work in a dark room or red/blue light to showcase the lights and different textures could be really expressive!

  2. To make a textile based brooch by creating an enlarged version of the cell is very smart. I am looking forward to see the organic shape and the effect of cellular gradient.

  3. Love your idea! The cell lighting up can be used in different spaces. The color of the LEDs is key to make contrast with your fabrics. Excited to see your prototypes and final idea!

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