3 thoughts on “Verdy Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. I love how you have experimented with the light diffusions. I also think the blue color looks really cool and has a certain warmth to it, which I think would be a good feature in a huggable plush toy! I am curious to find out what color fabric you would be using for the plushie and could maybe use warmer colors 🙂

  2. Hi Nigel! This idea looks super fun, and I really like the comical faces in your sketches.

    It looks like you’re well on your way to feasibly create the nightlight aspect of the plush! In terms of your ideas, I know you’re leaning towards the character, this might be a little difficult to sew together because has all humanistic body parts. Maybe you can consider forgoing the fingers on the hands to make it easier to put together!

    Are you considering using markers etc to color the fabric (in case there is color in the character design that you want to match?)? That could be an easy way to showcase the details of the clothes etc without having to sew many different fabrics together!

  3. I really like the face of the character you designed, those two antennas remind me of bees and the whole doll looks cool and friendly. Your design may take a lot of materials and time to complete, I can’t wait to see the result 😀

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