Patrick Baca-Chandler Plush Nightlight proposal

Preliminary Sketches

Prototype made from acrylic, abs plastic, and spraypaint

Patterns are included below for the plushie

Circuitry Diagram

Story and target user

Materials I intend to use:

  1. White linen
  2. Orange/pink linen
  3. black wool
  4. polyfill
  5. 3 LED’s
  6. 1x Battery pack with 3 AAA batteries
  7. fabric glue?

6 thoughts on “Patrick Baca-Chandler Plush Nightlight proposal”

  1. I love the idea of the bottle as the light. There is a lot of stigma around medication and this is a great step in taking some of that away! Your sketches seem like this is going to be a standalone night light, wondering how you would make it “plushy”. An orange acrylic body would look SO cool when lit up (might not work for this project but maybe you can incorporate it in some form).

    Excited to see how this turns out!

  2. I like how the shape of your plushie prototype is very different from the rest and how you are focusing on mental health with this! You could incorporate the “cloud lite” idea into the stand alone bottle and has a certain “feel good” quality when you hold it. It would also help with the light diffusion!

  3. Pretty witty take on the night light! I think it will be interesting to see how the form take shape in a plush medium. You could photograph it at a pharmacy and have a pharmacists hand you the night light!

  4. I’m particularly interested in your bottle idea and how its not a very typical object to become a plushie. I do agree with Prerna and I think it will be very interesting to see how the light interacts with the stuffing and a transparent, rigid, and colored exterior.

  5. That’s amazing! You already do the prototype!!! I’m thinking you can try some soft feeling shapes for your concept or some soft touch feeling elements.

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