4 thoughts on “Jacey’s ideas”

  1. I like the idea of how the plushie is an arm rester, something that brings you comfort. I would personally get the “fried egg” cushion because it looks like a lot of fun! My suggestion would be to make a character out of the “fried egg” idea and give it a name.

  2. Hey Jacey!

    I like the wrist saver ideas. I think both idea the seal and the egg would be cute little guys to have sitting next your mouse. I think I’m leaning toward toward the egg (I also said that on Ria’s so maybe I just like eggs lol). I think for a photograph you could make your laptop set up like a place mat setting ready for breakfast or dinner. Or maybe have the hand be the last ingredient to set off the light signifying it is the final ingredient in a perfect bowl of ramen! For feasibility I might make sure the button is large enough to be pressed if you end up making that part of the circuit.

  3. Hi Jacey!

    I think all of these idea are super cute (and would be super helpful) but where would your buttons be for the designs? I think Becky mentioned having sensor-based interaction would be harder because we aren’t using our arduinos!

    The seal on its back is my favorite haha!

  4. I like the harp seal wrist rest, it looks so cute and comfortable! Will you use the soft fabric and create patterns on it? That would be so much fun!

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