Vani’s Plush Nightlight

The last 2 months of my undergrad degree took place in early 2020 when lockdown started. I worked on my final Advanced Sculpture project from home instead of the workshops. I focused on ways to reduce anxiety.
I crocheted and knitted pillows filled with dried lavender for my bunny. The making process reduced my anxiety and I hoped the lavender would reduce his. Here’s my bunny, Bugs interacting with them while eating raspberries:
(COMPRESSED VIDEO, since youtube didn’t work properly.)

He is so excited by the raspberries that he can’t spend time looking for them. Without the raspberries, he spent lots of time investigating each one, but lost interest within a day.

My plan is to:
1. Create 1 large surface instead of lots of small ones.
2. Use lights to direct him from raspberry-to-raspberry most efficiently, like a treasure map.

The proposed plush toy will be to entertain him, not to calm him. Here are sketches of some possibilities:

2 thoughts on “Vani’s Plush Nightlight”

  1. This is so exciting, especially since its not for humans but actually for their pets. Would like to know if we can get this for other pets like dogs/cats as well?

  2. Your bunny is so cute and his pillow too!!! Agree with Rohitha, it’s so special and interesting to make something not for human. Really look forward to your final design since you’re expert in making and design.

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