Mona the vampire

Costume description:

Mona the vampire is the animation I watched as a child. Mona – the main character – impressed me with her personality and the imagined experiences she went through with her friends. Because she is so unique and vivid, I chose her as the character I would like to be for Halloween. Also her outfit and hairstyle are perfect for Halloween.

for hairstyle

Materials list:

  1. Dark purple cape
  2. Twisting rod, plush band for hairstyle
  3. Neopixels
  4. Batteries (already have)
  5. Gemma

Arduino circuit

Making process

Using plush wires to make the shape
Finished and place the neopixels to confirm the place
Eveything can be done by scissors
Easy to die
More than the hair I lost
Hide the wires
Find my profession
(but my friend scared me by saying that machines replaced humans to do the soldering)
Happiest moment
I also need energy
Some decoration and finally finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Mona the vampire”

  1. Hi Wren!
    Love this character! You could also think about making the little thick hair ties light up (if the cape doesn’t work out logistically!) You should definitely take some pictures doing the pose in the reference (with the hand pointed to the cheek)!

  2. This is so cute! Wondering how you will make your hair stand up like that? Wires?
    You could also make the bows light up using the mini lens that Rui used for her earrings, would be very cute.

  3. This is really thorough! I agree that the style would make for a great halloween costume. I wonder if it would be interesting to have the little bow ties light up as well (if you have more time after the cape).

  4. Such a cute costume ! You could probably use some support to keep your hair standing up and lots of hairspray!

  5. Your idea is so cute. Will you get Vampire Teeth for your costume? Can’t wait to see it!

  6. Love the idea Wren, You definitely try and make a prototype before the actual one to experiment with how you can make the hair stand straight

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