Rui’s Plush Night Light Proposal

Every time I go to the aquarium I am amazed by the beauty of jellyfish. 

I want to make jellyfish earrings that have fading light on it. I will use different cloth and wool materials to imitate the tentacles of jellyfish.

Bringing the light from the bottom of the ocean to the land and hanging it on our earlobes.

If the earrings are too small to fit the led lights, I will switch the idea to a jellyfish hat.

7 thoughts on “Rui’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Are these going to be plush earrings? Jellyfish tentacles are quite elaborate though, I really look forward to how you approach making these!

  2. Aww! this sounds so cute. I like that you can wear it! Can’t wait to see and hopefully even try it on!

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