8 thoughts on “Wren’s plush light proposal”

  1. The dragon could be a bit time consuming, so if you want to go with that idea please remember to plan ahead :))

  2. I really like the pinch toy!
    if you decide to go ahead with the fish you might have to sew the fins and tail separately and attach them.

  3. Oh my GODD! I am obsessed with the idea of the Hamster as the Night Light! It is so adorable and a great interactive piece.

  4. Love the idea of the hamster but also the fish. With the fish, i would also think about lighting up the string attaching the bulb to the fish.

  5. These ideas are all so cute! But I do think that they’re all quite challenging to actually sew. Have you decided on the fish, have you thought about how to approach the fins? Will they be stuffed or just thicker pieces of fabric?

  6. The greedy hamster is really cool and could be simple to make, one way would be like a bean bag toy with a weight at the bottom to keep it standing. I also really like the poor eye sight fish idea.

  7. The hamster is SO cute! I like that the light would be in its food rather than its eyes. Maybe the food can be a different shape that the hamster is holding outside of its body.

  8. I personally love dragons and I know that its so time consuming but omg! Anyways, I like the fish too and it’s so cool that she has a light under the see to probe around. I would use the ball popping out and make it multicolor, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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