Electronic Wooden Fish

This project is a fish-shaped electronic wooden fish made of acrylic panels. The top of the wooden fish will show the number of times I tap it. Also, the number of taps and the sound of tapping are controlled by my phone. Whenever I realize that I have done something wrong, I can remotely tap the electronic wooden fish with my phone to accumulate merits.

Description for my project video: The video will consist of several scenes. The first scene is when I watch a video about subway fare evaders. During the second scene, I begin to think about how to avoid fares. The third scene is me sneaking to the subway station to try to avoid fares. And background music, the sound of wooden fish, fades in. The fourth scene is when I realize that this act is a mistake, so I pick up my phone to “tap the wooden fish”. The final scene is when the wooden fish in my room starts to sound and counts the number of times I have tapped it.

Link the Google docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1076TR5m13znQNARt3jW91j-RiYkOgTGRD3CFweDOvzE/edit?usp=sharing

Link the Instructables: Ryang18’s Activity – Instructables