EatWhat – final project


I always spend a lot of time deciding what to eat since I have so many options, it’s hard to just pick one from them. Therefore, I want to design a product to decide it for me. Speaking of luck, gambling can not be overlooked, and then dice, roulette and slot machines come to mind. My first several ideas are around dice and roulette, but finally choose slot machine as the form.

Main scene in the videos:

The first scene will be a persona asking about what to eat, show she phone screen.

The second scene will be the time pass and her anxiety

The third scene will be the ad of EatWhat showed when she watches YouTube and she places an order of it

The next scene will be the delivery and the usage of EatWhat:
Pull down the handle, the machine rolls, light blink with sound, the result shows, light stop blinking
Show how much time it takes

The last scene will show her smile and happy moment eating with friends, and the rolling machine

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