The Outcast’s Rest, Sealed Binding Locker of the Putrighast.

“On the night of Samhain ages ago, a violent presence from the blackness overtook a young boy named Tiredain. His mind was wrung into a manifestation of darkness and his body was repeatedly crushed and remade into the very visage of unnatural evil. His odor was of the days of plague carts and his voice was of crackling embers under a screen of wet phlegm. This was the Putrighast. It was sealed away in an adorned box by an unknown enchanter. The Putrighast still calls out to this day to be released.”

The video will feature a montage of the construction of the box as a mystical object through many close up dutch angle shots of the details. During the montage, the above narration would be given. It will then cut to a wide angle shot of the box and people walking in front of it, the box will speak as people pass by, expect it won’t sound like some monster, it will just be a normal dude politely asking people to let him out because “they got the wrong guy”.

Detailed circuit diagram:

One of the sketches:

Instructables Profile:

Instructions Draft:

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