Luminous Jellyfish

Plush Night Light

This is a luminous jellyfish earring that can be used at parties and music festivals. Wearing jellyfish earrings can be noticed in the dark. For instance, it’s easy for people to get lost at raves, so if you and your companions were separated by the crowd, the luminous jellyfish earrings can help you and your friends to find each other.

Embroidery thread
Heat transfer foil
Cultivated Silk

I had originally intended to dye the cloth to resemble a jellyfish’s tentacles, but I later changed my mind and decided to use wool fabrics for the tentacles. I have used a sewing machine a year ago but I wasted a lot of thread. Thus, I made the decision to sew my plushy by hand. I discovered that it was difficult to hand-seal the fabric’s edges, so I tried a few various stitches until I finally kept the polyester inside of the plushy.

One of the challenges was taking pictures, because my cat kept wanting to play with my jellyfish earrings.

If I had time I would add more embroideries to the tentacles.