Hairy eyes creature

Halloween Costumes

The completed project:

This is a character I made up: a creature with hairy eyes. Since it’s face looks too scary, Halloween is the greatest day to go out, and no one will be scared by it’s face. The reason I made it because the mask, which I got from the show,” Sleep no More”, the New York City production of an immersive work of theatre. The entire theater setting was dark when I was exploring the performance, and I was filled with a sense of unease similar to Cthulhu. I learned how to adjust the circuitry on hard surface like plastic, which is hard, I had to solder back and forth because of the position of the NeoPixel Sticks on the eyebrows. If I were to redo it, I would replace the fabric strips with a relatively stiffer material, making it more resemble an octopus’ legs, so that they have the feeling of rushing out of the eyes.

Materials list:

GEMMA M0 (Adafruit)
2 NeoPixel Sticks (Adafruit)
Ninjaflex filament (Adafruit)
500Ah lipoly battery and chargerNeedle and thread (Adafruit)
Cloth (Previous School)
Embroidery thread (Blick)
Wool fabric (Etsy)

Circuit diagram

Arduino code

In-progress images/sketches

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