A Nightmare on Rezz Street

First off, huge shout out to Noah and Pedro at AdaFruit for the in depth tutorial! https://learn.adafruit.com/rezz-inspired-neopixel-glasses


Rezz is a favorite DJ of mine, and her shows are absolutely legendary! I was hyped to have built these with a little help from the guys at Adafruit. I had a few hiccups with this project, but overall, it was a success. If I had more time I would have loved to figure out how to make my own animation with the NeoPixel Triple-Ring Board.

This project got me familiar with using the Itsy Bitsy M4 as well as uploading CircuitPython to the Itsy Bitsy using the Mu Editor. It was also a practice in soldering things very closely together, which hopefully after this project I will be better at going forward! Below are some in progress photos of my soldering and 3D Printed frames

Initially I encountered some issues getting my LED’s to light up. So I checked my connections and plugged my Itsy Bitsy into Arduino. Once I figured the solder joints were ok, I then realize that my CircuitPython code was not unzipped. Once I unzipped the code I downloaded off the Adafruit tutorial and put that on the Itsy Bitsy, my code worked!!


Additionally, here’s the circuit diagram courtesy of the Ruiz Brothers’ tutorial:


You can also find the code here: https://learn.adafruit.com/rezz-inspired-neopixel-glasses/software

Happy Halloween!

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