Hi, I’m Vani

I’ved lived in Chicago and Delhi. My parents are architects, as a kid I sketched the Frank Lloyd Wright houses my mom was conserving in Oak Park, as a teenager I sketched the monuments near the technology plants my dad was designing in India.

Sculpture was my focus in undergrad since it combined the design elements I learned from them with my love for the making process. I learned as many fabrication processes as I could, of which woodworking and metalworking are my most practiced skills. My senior year I took furniture-making classes (including CNC) and after graduating I continued on my own by learning a few computer object design programs.

I also love weaving, knitting, glasssblowing, screenprinting, moldmaking and casting, metalcasting and ceramics. With sculpture I liked inverting an object’s recognizable qualities like material choices, size, rigidity, structure, placement and functionality.

I worked as woodshop/metalshop assistant for 2 years and as a gallery technician for 4.5 years. After graduating I worked as a gallery exhibitions assistant for a year. I am hoping to prepare at SVA for a career in object making and design.

I have a dog back home named Pandora and a bunny with me in the U.S. named Bugs. My insta is @vani_ag. I love watching tv and movies, even took undergrad art history film classes to learn more, so please give me recommendations for what to watch!