Hey! Rohitha Here.

Writing about myself is always the hardest part because I don’t now how to START! So I decided to start with an honest opening!

My name is Rohitha Remala and I am all the way from India. I am a Food-Lover and enthusiastic about architecture and I like building stuff – very vague. I love to Cook, shop and paint houses (Weird I know!).

This is Me!

Psss! … I painted the wall you see on the back!

You can see more about me from my personal Instagram account – rohitha.r or see a few of my works on my professional account [Disclaimer : It is fairly new] here – rohremala

My background is in engineering, and I majored in information technology. I worked as a freelance web developer for 6 months and then tasted the corporate life for 2 years as a business analyst for a fintech company.

Now you must be wondering why the hell am I here? – well the answer is I KNOW WHAT I DONT WANT TO DO!, and that is the last 2 years of my life. I realized that I didn’t want to become a business analyst or a coder for the rest of my life and started exploring different domains. I took a shot a product design and loved what new universes it is capable of taking people into, And that is how I got here!

Some of the things I am interested in are Physics, psychology, astrology, climate, mythology and conspiracy theories.

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