Hi, I am Yukti!

I grew up in New Delhi, India and moved to the US for my undergrad at the age of 18 and have lived and worked across  both of these countries. I’ve been in America for about 7 years and whisked off to India in between, to pursue my entrepreneurial calling. 

I studied Industrial Design at Ohio State University where, I discovered that my greatest passions and abilities were at the intersection of visual thinking, design research and service design. After working for a bit and moving on from my first startup, I realized that I want to work on problems that excite me and could have an impact on the world.

In search for impact, I founded Buildsys, a construction productivity app. Here, I learned what it takes to manage a creative culture, built teams that approach problems from a human centered perspective, crafted business, sales and marketing strategies and designed a SAAS product that is easy to use and adopt. 

During this time, I also fell in love with the power of play and  taught myself game design and created Wazo Space Station, an interactive digital dollhouse set in outer space designed for play, storytelling and fun for kids ages 3-6. I am now in the process of launching it in the App Store. 

My friends and family call me Yuki, pronounced “Yoo-key🗝”.  Fun fact,  Yukti, pronounced “Yook-tea ☕️” means ‘an idea 💡’ in hindi and playing with ideas, is my favorite thing to do! Speaking of playing, when not doing serious play, I can be found practicing Bharatnatyam, roller skating, spending time in nature, #yukifont-ing and painting. 

Roller Skating Yuki
#yukifont, See more on my Instagram @yukiarora.

I am looking forward to this class and grateful to have Becky as our instructor. I am excited learn the basics of physical computing and know more about it’s possible applications. At the same time a little terrified of sewing and looking forward to overcoming that fear this semester 😀 !