Hi! I’m Cyntia

I am proudly Peruvian 🙂 I was born and raised in Huancayo which is a city pretty near to Lima, the capital, where I spent over 11 years of my life studying and working. I decided to study Industrial Engineer since I’ve always been good at maths, but, honestly, I wasn’t sure what was my calling at that time and I’m still trying to figure it out.

My background is in sales and marketing. I’ve been working at Adidas Peru for over 6 years in 3 different roles, optimizing processes, leading digital and business strategies implementations and helping the retail business keep growing and being profitable.

However, design and art have always been part of my work. I love drawing and painting, mixing colors and fonts, and turning any idea, chart or data into something easy to apply, use and read. So, I felt the necessity to connect and immerse my self into this world and improve my design skills. I do believe that design always matters and it could be the only way to innovate and tackle many world problems in the coming years. Education and sustainability are two of the topics that I would to speak up and work on.

Likewise, I’ve been dreaming about NYC for so long, so found this program in this city was such one of the best matches! I’m still not an expert in the design world but I’m very excited and happy of what is coming. Can’t wait to learn!

After work, I was always running, dancing and learning something new 😊 These are still my favorite hobbies. Running a marathon is going to be my next challenge.