Disco Frame

I moved to NYC 4 months ago, but I was still looking for special items to decorate my apartment. So I came up with the idea of a frame that change colors according to the volume of the music, and it fits perfect in my bar kitchen table.

Also an ideal option for partying, having dinner with friends or just playing music at home.

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Final project ideas (Cyntia)

  1. Rainbow clock box: That looks like a charger (12 LED neon) and change colors according to the time of the day.


2. Neon sign – music:

A neon sign that can follow the rhythm of the music?


3. Mood wheel mirror

A mirror that has LEDS that change according to your mood (2-3 options)



Larry Starry – Plush night light

Have you ever thought that everybody in another part of the world is seeing the same star, moon, sky, etc? Well, maybe not at the same time, but for sure it was the same light. Distance is a just number and stars keep shining no matter the distance, right?

So, Larry Starry is representing the Ursa Minor constellation and aims to remind people that no matter how far they are from someone they love, they are still connected.

A perfect night light for those who likes stars, constellations, and even especially for those days when we need a friendly reminder of how we are all connected.


Reality 🙂

Ursa Minor constellation

Materials used for this project:

  • Fabric
  • Fyber fill
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Soldering Iron
  • Heat gun
  • 7 LEDs
  • 7 resistors
  • Wires
  • 1 Battery

The process:

My thoughts:

Personally, the journey of making things is the best part of creating. Although it took me more time to finish this project than planned, it was quite funny and insightful how we keep learning by using our creativity.

Trying to keep the soldered connections together was challenging. I have many! But I did it. If I had more time, I would like to create a larger pattern or try different LEDs and forms.

Cyntia’s plus night light proposal

Constellation – Ursa minor

Constellation plush idea

Bread Lamp plush idea

Plants plush light idea

A sky full of stars is probably one of the best things that I can see for free and whenever I look up I remember that everybody in another part of the world is probably seeing the same star, moon, etc. So, we are all connected.

What a better way to represent a sky full of stars through a constellation?

So, I would like to create a plush that reminds me a piece of the night sky in my bedroom and its meaning.

This item is for people who also like stars, lights, and even constellations and would love to have a reminder of how connected they are to another person in another part of the world.

Ursa minor and Ursa Major constellation

Usa minor or little bear is a constellation very near to the north pole. It was part of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations. This 7 stars have traditionally been important for navigation, particularly by mariners, because of Polaris being the north pole star.

Circuit diagram

Materials: two different fabrics, 7 LED’s, battery and switch.

Walkie-talkie Teardown

Who haven’t play with one? A walkie talkie is probably one of the objects that reminds most my childhood. I used to play with it as much as I can, but I have never disassembly it until now.

Using just a screwdriver you can dissemble the entire device and here is how it looks like:

List of components and materials

  • Case: Plastic
  • Battery : Aluminum, copper and plastic
  • Antenna : Copper
  • Speaker : Aluminum
  • Keypad : Silicon rubber
  • Circuit: Copper
  • Talking button : Rubber and plastic

So, how all these parts work together? Walkie-talkies are small radios that can transmit and receive signals. As soon as you press the talking button and speak into a walkie-talkie, your voice is picked up by a microphone, encoded onto a radio frequency and transmitted with the antenna. Another radio receive the transmission with its antenna, decode your voice from the walkie-talkie signal and drive a speaker. (How Stuff Works, 2004)

Manufacturing techniques

One interesting thing I noticed was the datasheet. On the back of the circuit board, there was this number AN29160AA, which indicates that is a IC (Integrated Circuit) for Transceiver (transmitter/receiver in one single package) with specific features.

Finally, if I need to pick 2 designs, I would choose the keypad as the design that I like most and the case as the one that it’s not appealing for me but I’m curious why the designer used that form.

Considering that this product was most used by children, the person who designs the keypad might created circular buttons since they are easy to press and might used rubber to manufacture it and make the buttons soft.

On the other hand, the case fits in a hand of a child so It might be the main reason to consider that width. Also, a curve case for the antenna and the base seem as a protection for children. However, it looks a simple design for me but I might be biased by how much technology has advanced and everything looks appealing now.

Hi! I’m Cyntia

I am proudly Peruvian 🙂 I was born and raised in Huancayo which is a city pretty near to Lima, the capital, where I spent over 11 years of my life studying and working. I decided to study Industrial Engineer since I’ve always been good at maths, but, honestly, I wasn’t sure what was my calling at that time and I’m still trying to figure it out.

My background is in sales and marketing. I’ve been working at Adidas Peru for over 6 years in 3 different roles, optimizing processes, leading digital and business strategies implementations and helping the retail business keep growing and being profitable.

However, design and art have always been part of my work. I love drawing and painting, mixing colors and fonts, and turning any idea, chart or data into something easy to apply, use and read. So, I felt the necessity to connect and immerse my self into this world and improve my design skills. I do believe that design always matters and it could be the only way to innovate and tackle many world problems in the coming years. Education and sustainability are two of the topics that I would to speak up and work on.

Likewise, I’ve been dreaming about NYC for so long, so found this program in this city was such one of the best matches! I’m still not an expert in the design world but I’m very excited and happy of what is coming. Can’t wait to learn!

After work, I was always running, dancing and learning something new 😊 These are still my favorite hobbies. Running a marathon is going to be my next challenge.