Sama’s Plush Nightlight Proposal

I have two types of fabric to use for this project, mostly to fulfill the first idea. But modifications (like dyeing fabric) is something I want to explore if I go with the other ideas!

Gudetama Plush!

I started this idea during the exercise in class, but wanted to work on a higher fidelity prototype for this project!

Gudetama has been my favorite Sanrio character forever, and I love the idea of squishing him to death, so that’s why I proposed this idea.

For this idea, I would use the LEDs on the egg part of the design and possibly one in the butt area (but this is still undecided).

This the circuit diagram I am thinking of using.

I have some for the white, stretchy fabric from class, and an orange/yellow fabric to complete this design.

2. Heimlich Plush

Bug’s Life is an underrated Pixar movie and is the only thing related to bugs I will ever be okay with. My favorite character from the movie is a fat caterpillar named Heimlich who (spoiler) by the end of the movie sprouts these ridiculously small wings on his body.

I wanted to make this pattern of colors on his body by dyeing the fabric Something like this:


The LED’s in this project will primarily be in the wings, which because of their size (small) might prove to be very difficult to actually execute. Feedback on how to achieve this is welcome!

3. Spirited Away Soot Plush

One of my all-time favorite movies is Spirited Away and I am obsessed with these little soot characters in it!

The colors of the candies would be created witj LEDs, so again using the white fabric I have. The black for the character is on the way!

3 thoughts on “Sama’s Plush Nightlight Proposal”

  1. The idea of dying fabric reminds me the Jacquard Cyanotype(sun printing on fabric), you might try this in your project!

  2. Hey Sama!
    I really like the idea of the gudetama plush. So cute. It would be really funny to see the butt as a glow spot too, you should try it!

  3. I love Spirited Away toooooooo! The soot characters are so cute, really like this concept, and I think the light can also be inside of soot’s body, when you pinch it, it lights. but the idea of candy light is already great.

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