Shun Cheng’s Light Proposal

I want to create a ghost toy for kids. At night, they can hold the ghost toy to go to the toilet. Giving them a hugging ghost toy will make them more comfortable with the ghost concept. Doing so may increase the chance for them to go to the toilet by themself.

Ghost Toy

The eyes will be led and can be used as a flashlight.

Soft Fabric

This fabric is soft which is pretty friendly for kids to hold.

8 thoughts on “Shun Cheng’s Light Proposal”

  1. Hi, would like to know how the light will be focused from the eyes of the ghost if it were to be used as a flashlight?

  2. Oh my god the ghost looks like the one that you did for the product’s storyboards haha. Have you considered having it standing?

  3. This is cool, a suggestion would be to make sure to use the right fill so tat the toy does not deform once sewn completely.

  4. Great idea! I can definitely see my cousins use this. I think you and Heba should work together, since y’all are working on similar concepts.

  5. I really like the idea, what color LEDs would you use for the eyes? Maybe they could change between 2-3 colors.

  6. I think you chose the fabric really well, it’s not completely smooth so it has a nice texture that’s almost wispy in quality that very appropriate for ghosts I think. I do wonder how you’re going to approach the eyes and mouth? Will they be cutouts? Sewn on? Graphically printed? I think this would be a great toy in general.

  7. Omg I love the super soft looking ghost! Ghosts always glow, so this seems like an exciting idea!

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