Shun Cheng’s Light Proposal

I want to create a ghost toy for kids. At night, they can hold the ghost toy to go to the toilet. Giving them a hugging ghost toy will make them more comfortable with the ghost concept. Doing so may increase the chance for them to go to the toilet by themself.

Ghost Toy

The eyes will be led and can be used as a flashlight.

Soft Fabric

This fabric is soft which is pretty friendly for kids to hold.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Teardown-shun cheng hsieh

It was such an elegant and well built wireless mouse

At the first glance, I thought this is a PowerPoint wireless controller.

However, I notice the part made out of silicon seems floppy and has some wrinkles on it. I tried to bend it through its wrinkles, and after a “click” sound it become a shape that can support our hand. At that time, I realize this is a mouse. After removing the battery cap and the name of this product “Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse” indicates itself as a mouse.

It’s hard to find screws these days. After searching, I realize the first two screws were hidden under the sticker. Remove these two screws and you will notice there are more screws above the silicone part. After removing those, you can easily take off the silicone part.

At the silicone part you can notice parting line on the side which indicates this part is an silicone injection part. soft material injection are widely used in shoes outsole and remote control button. Soft material injection usually have more visable part line and surplus materials may need hand trimming. Therefore, it’s easier to tell their part line. The glossy parts of this mouse are also made throuht injection modling. The material may be ABS or PLA.

The arc part is pretty complex the parts are fastend by aluminum rivets. I tried to reomove all these rivets but I only cut a little piece of rivet. That’s why I assuming the materials of riverts are made of aluminum. I aslo found some nice clean explosion view of this product.

credit: Carbon Design Group

In this project I use mostly small screwdriver and sometimes diagnoal cutting plies. It was pretty surprised that screwdriver can disassameble most part of this mouse.

The interesting part of this product must be magnatic part that can hold use connector. It may not have enough sapce for designer to put controllor in battery cabinet as most wireless mouse do because this mouse is very thin.

magnetic holder

The second design part I really appreciate is the arc part. It’s comeplex and delicate and this series have arc type of structure in every generation. The 1st generation was simply a fold structure. This concept may want to save some storage space for user. I’m pretty impressed by the hard work of both designer and engineer. Can’t wait to see next generation of Arc Touch!

Arc Mouse 2012 ver.

Hi I’m Shun Cheng Hsieh

Hello! My name is Shun-Cheng, Hsieh.

I grew up in tainan,Taiwan. Since I was young I always have passion on drawing, despite on drawing I also curious  about how things works especially products. Therefore , I landed in studying in Industrial design in Shih Chien University. I graduated in 2018, thanks to my colorful life in college, I explore more and more through my projects. I found my passion not only in sketching but also prototyping. Besides that I love boxing, music, surfing, photography and typography. I joined 2018 Pensole Footwear Design Academy and learned about incrediable design thinking and mindset. For now, I’m constantly improving my skills and seeking opportunity in footwear design.

Here’s my website if you want to know more about my works.

I’m also really into film photography. If you want to know more about film feel free to message me.

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