Plush Night Light Proposal – Ria

The three initial ideas for my plush night light is

1) A night light that looks like the pet animal they lost

2) A desk buddy with a message

3) Calming Sensory Plush Night Light designed specifically for children with autism

I am still confused about what type of sensory experience should the plush toy be projecting. Should it be a night light that switches on and off when touched or the night light projects this pattern of light or stars through a screen?

The idea that I am gravitating towards the most is a night light that is designed for children with autism.

Circuit Diagram

8 thoughts on “Plush Night Light Proposal – Ria”

  1. love the idea of an interactive egg. Will it be yellow or a blue. I vote yellow!!

  2. I can definitely imagine myself using a desk bunny. It will be great to have some interaction while leaving mesages

  3. Hi Ria,

    I really like the fried egg idea! I wonder if you used a pink pong ball and cut out different shapes into it, would the shapes project onto the walls? You paint or color the rest yellow to make it look like a yolk.I think it would look cute photographed with a child’s play kitchen set. I also think the eyes or a face would make it pretty cute too!

  4. I love the idea of Calming Sensory Plush Night Light designed specifically for children with autism, or maybe you can try some organic shape for it?

  5. I vote for the idea of the “Desk buddy with a message”, I would definitely get one for my desk! Since its something for your desk, it could have a placeholder where you could leave or hang your message.

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