Yukti’s Plush Night Light

After ideating a few of the things my childhood self would love, I narrowed down on the ladybird for it was the easiest to hold and as a child I loved the bright colors. I think it can be hung next to the bed, like a real lady bird or on the bedside table. I wonder if we are able to even put a device in so that it can talk to the child or tell bedtime stories. In may opinion, that would be great.

Fun fact : As a child when I learnt to pick up a ladybird in my hand, I was obsessed. One day, my brother and I, collected 10-15 ladybirds in a jar and then released them in our bedroom. We shut all doors so they had no escape. Sadly, they started to die by the morning so we released them into their natural habitat. I loved this experience so much that in 4th grade, I painted my ceiling fan and wardrobe with ladybirds. My parent’s have changed houses over the years, they have always carried these fan blades along, though the painted center has changed.

My Ceiling Fan that I painted as a child.

So, I decided to make this ladybird for childhood Yukti.

To make this, I intend to have the LEDs in the 6 black polka dots.

To realize my idea, I bought two types of fabric that I want to cut and layer the top with. A sheer black that is doing to be an under layer for the top of the ladybird and an almost opaque thick furry red layer of fabric. I also intend to make the back with the tick fabric. I also bought some buttons for the eyes.

KPIs: Pre stitch these back sheer holes and then stitch the whole ladybird. I also want to make sure I get a clean thickness on the overall shape.

I’m excited!

7 thoughts on “Yukti’s Plush Night Light”

  1. I really like your concept of the lady bug night light, A special memory of childhood!!! Looking forward to it!!!

  2. You showed art talent when you’re young! Love the ladybird and it reminds me the experience of finding the seven-spot ladybird in my childhood, but never found it -sad-

  3. Enjoyed reading your story, love the personal connection to your product. It makes it all the more enjoyable, Excited to see the final product prototype.

  4. I love the idea, maybe people could put them on the ceiling if they wanted and look at them at night like you did as a kid!

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