NeoPixels and Halloween kickoff

NeoPixel Circuit

For this weeks homework, I started off with the soldering of the NeoPixel stick. The soldering part of the homework was pretty direct and easy to do. Since a demo Arduino code was already given to us, I was able to figure out that my NeoPixel stick was soldered and connected to the circuit correctly.

NeoPixel strip circuit demo

Creating your own code was a bit of a challenge and took a bit more time.

blue and white lights
slowed down lights with the random command
random color pattern

Halloween Costumes

  1. Mr. Knight from Moon Knight

Vani, Brydon and are planning on doing a group costume based on the Marvel show Moon Knight. My plan is dress up as Mr. Knight. For the costume, I will be wearing a white mask made from cloth. LEDs will be used for the eyes and the moon symbol on the mask. The 2 batons will also include an element on light and might include a sensor so that it lights up every time you shake it. For the costume, I am planning on making the waistcoat and tie myself with a light greyish cloth. I will need to purchase a white mask, white gloves, a white suit and 2 wooden sticks (for the batons).

Mr. Knight sketch

2. Severus Snape

Since I wanted to do an all black costume, Severus Snape was another character that came into my mind. Since Snape’s wand is an important element, I was thinking of adding green lights to it as he is from the Slytherin house. The wand would light up anytime you shake it. LEDs, preferably some shade close to purple, would be added to the ends of the cape as well.

Snape idea sketch

3. Recreation of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting

For my third idea, I wanted to recreate a popular painting. I thought of recreating the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” as I can add highlight the earrings by creating it with LEDs. I can also add lights to the head scarf. The lights on the scarf would be running lights and not static.

Painting recreation idea sketch