Brydon Halloween Kickoff

It was hard to hone in on the things I wanted to do for the costumes, but there were a couple that I was able to pin down.

The King of Ooo from Adventure Time

He’s a bit of a scammer.
Shimmering LED crown with beige and brown T-shirt and pants. The key part will be the LED scepter with a smiley face.

Mask of Life from Bionicle

Led on the underside edge of the mask to make a spooky glow.


LED staff components as well as LED necklace. Surprisingly I already have most of the stuff for this costume. I plan to use my old over-sized karate outfit for the core garments. I plan to use large curtains to create the large draping fabric. I already have a staff at home, I just need to put on a crescent LED attachment. All I really need to make from scratch is the glowing necklace. The biggest issue I foresee is the large bird-skull that makes up Khonshu’s head, I plan to purchase and modify a plague doctor’s mask.

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