Brydon Week 6 Assignment

I have decided to do a group costume with Heba and Vani. My costume will be of Khonshu from Marvel’s Egyptian mythology inspired series called “Moon Knight”.

The costume has many parts. The main parts are the mask and the staff.

The staff will be the primary LED component. Rather than having the staff just glow at all times, I want it to glow as the staff makes contact with the ground. This will be achieved by a photocell and vibration switch housed at the bottom of the staff (having two components for redundancy). The photocell detects light and the vibration switch detects vibrations, I will program the circuit to turn on the LEDs in the staff’s tip when the photocell detects a dramatic decrease in light and/or when the vibration switch detects a vibration of sufficient magnitude.

The mask is a plague doctor mask that I purchased on Amazon. I will place joint compound on to make it more boney so that it fits the look of Khonshu. It will not have any LED elements.

For the rest of the body, I will be draping it with large pieces of white cloth over my old and oversized karate uniform. This past weekend I went to FabScrap with Heba and Vani so I was able to purchase a lot of fabric.

While these other planning steps are complete, I do need some help with designing the circuit!

If this seems like too much in terms of scope, I have a back-up plan of keeping the staff and changing the overall costume into Gandalf/Saruman the White.

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  1. Brydon you looks professional on programming, need your help!!! Also good to have a plan B!!!

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