Team Moon Knight

Vani, Brydon and I were focusing on finishing up the Arduino code this week. The materials we are using are:

  1. NeoPixel stick (Brydon)
  2. NeoPixel mini button (Vani, Brydon, Heba)
  3. Gemma M0 (Vani, Brydon, Heba)
  4. Photocell (Brydon)
  5. Resistor (Brydon)
  6. Lithium batteries (Vani, Brydon, Heba)

Vani and I will be using the NeoPixel mini buttons for our masks and our weapons and hence, have programmed 2 different codes.

Since we couldn’t solder the button to our NeoPixel yet, we ran a test to check if our button works.

Since we received our NeoPixel mini buttons yesterday, we were not able to code exactly for the mini buttons. Instead, we wrote down the code for the eyes and the weapons for a NeoPixel strip since we will only need to make minor changes on the code for our NeoPixel buttons.

Code for white light for the eyes
Buttoncycler code for the weapons where the color changes between black, white, blue and a combination of both white and blue. We want to try to incorporate a fade between white and blue.

For the weapons, the lights will change between blue and white for me and between yellow and white for Vani’s.

The purpose of the Khonshu costume is to have a really cool staff that lights up upon staff-falls while walking. Everything else is completely secondary. For this week Brydon has been mostly working on his code, he didn’t get it quite on tinkercad yet but he hopes to have it done today and finish soldering the circuit by tomorrow, seeing as its a relatively straightforward circuit. 

The code with the sensor.
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